Seattle, the technological Mecca of the Pacific Northwest, has a world of darkness that rules from the shadows. The kindred, vampires of ancient power, have cultivated the mortals of Seattle to feed their vast empire, and to create prestige amongst the the kindred of the western world. 

It is Seattle that ancient Roman Praetor named Marcus Maximilius has ruled as the Prince of thr City for nearly twenty years after he usurped the role from the Daeva Selene Aquillon. Marcus claims to have emerged from a torpor that lasted centuries, and will use his ties to the Invictus to resurrect the sect called the Camarilla, a kindred group of Ancient Rome that once ruled all vampires under a unified code and central power structure. 

With the removal and murder of Selene, Marcus has made many enemies within the kindred of Seattle. However, he has created the traditional roles of Camarilla, forming the Primogen council and other key positions. Those who proved loyal were given positions of authority or granted fiefdoms within Seattle. Those who opposed Marcus were imprisoned or killed. 

An ancient enemy of Marcus’ has arrived in Seattle, the callous Melinda de Garza. She moves through the shadows, and has called to the Carthians of the city, and to Selene’s remaining loyalists to band together to take down Marcus. She has inspired these dissidents under the banner of thr ancient “Sabbat”, a group from old Europe that believed kindred were superior to humans and should not live in the shadows. 

The stage for war has been set. So far, only minor skirmishes have taken place, but all believe open warfare is on the horizon.

Seattle: the Emerald in the Darkness

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